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The Milestone Barn, located in Bannister, Michigan was purchased and transformed to a rustic barn wedding location in 2011.  The owners realized that a rustic wedding was what they wanted soon after their engagement, but the locales available for such were not as plentiful as they hoped. When their own wedding plans started forming, it was quickly realized that this would be a prime opportunity in their lives to embark on the journey of owning their own piece of rustic paradise. One thing lead to another, and now they hope to bring their vision to others, while maintaining the affordability that allows everyone to enjoy a rustic barn wedding.

The Milestone Barn was primarily used to house cattle throughout it’s many years of service. Now, the barn serves a different purpose, housing the weddings and other “milestone” events throughout ones life. Originally 1700 sq. feet, with a second level of 800 sq. feet, the barn’s capacity has been increased with the addition of a lean to, including bathrooms. The addition has increased the versatility of the facility, while still maintaining it’s rustic charm, as all the materials were reused from other local barns.

Whether it’s a wedding, reception, graduation party, prom, or any other gathering, The Milestone Barn can help you achieve exactly the sort of down home, rustic feeling you wish to achieve.